rehabilitationWe at Stratmore are also specialized in Short-Term rehabilitation. Many of our residents have the goal to return home after receiving Physical, Occupational, or Speech Therapy. We offer services to help transition you or your loved one from the hospital back to home. Our Licensed Therapy Team offers specialized treatment plans tailored to the individual in order for each to achieve their maximum potential. Feel free to speak with our Admissions Coordinator to inquire about how Medicare or other insurance plans will assist with your stay.

Our Therapeutic Approach

Our therapists are aware of the challenges residents face when they begin a course of therapy to regain skills and abilities after orthopedic replacement surgery. The days can be tiring and discouraging at times. That’s why our therapists take a kind and steady approach to motivate each resident to progress and recover as fully as possible after an injury, medical event or surgery.

Physical Therapy

Our physical therapists treat residents with both firmness and encouragement as they progress with the hard work needed to regain strength and mobility after an illness or surgery. We develop an individualized therapy plan for each rehab patient that respects the individual challenges facing each patient, with a goal of ensuring a smooth transition home.

Occupational Therapy

Our occupational therapists focus on helping our residents eventually manage as independently as they can the activities of daily living. We work with our patients on the skills necessary for walking, bathing, dressing, eating and other common household activities, again with a goal of making the return home safe and comfortable.

Transitioning Home

We want your recovery to continue to be successful, even after you leave us. Our interdisciplinary team will evaluate each resident to help ensure they will be able to live safely once they return home.