patient and nurse reading

“I took care of my aunt, Blanca, in my home for about two years. As her health worsened and mine diminished, reluctantly, I had to find a facility for her. I visited several, determined to find one that was “just right.” That place was Heritage Manor Stratmore. The staff were so attentive, gracious and welcoming that the transition was smooth for us.

After about a year, her Alzheimer’s disease seemed to progress and I was advised to move her to the Alzheimer’s Unit (a secured area within the facility). At first, I was hesitant, but the staff was so patient and understanding. Finally, I agreed to the move and to my delight and amazement she seemed to thrive and was very comfortable in her new environment.

My aunt is like a mother to me and her happiness and well-being are immensely important to me. Best of all, I am sure she is well-cared for and treated with respect and dignity. Without equivocation, I highly recommend Heritage Manor Stratmore as a perfect place for your family member.”

Raquel A.

“My mother, Frances “Becky”, 96, been a resident of Heritage Manor Stratmore since April 2009. She became ill during January, 2009. After being admitted to a local hospital, then a different skilled nursing facility, multiple times, she was admitted to Heritage Manor Stratmore.

The staff at Stratmore evaluated her and immediately removed the catheter and gave her a REAL Bath. Up until that point she had been having bed baths. She felt so much better after having these two things done for her – little things to us, but until Stratmore, no other facility had tried to remove the catheter or give her a bath.

Then she started physical therapy, which she enjoys. She completed one full session and is now participating in additional therapy.

Most of the residents and staff know her and call her by name. It is a comfort to me to know that she is receiving excellent attention and care.”

Joan C.

“My mother (age 95) has been at Heritage Manor Stratmore for six weeks. She is in rehabilitation to become strong enough to walk with a walker after having had gall bladder surgery at a local hospital. She and I are quite pleased with the level of care she has been receiving here and would recommend this facility to anyone needing skilled care or rehab services.”

Harry T.